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Advisory Services

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The market demand for commercial real estate investment properties in terms of the profile of the private investor is consistently evolving. Swank Real Estate Investment Services effectively markets and sells investment properties by positioning each asset only after carefully taking into account current private investor needs and market demands.

Our core services include the following:


By carefully understanding our clients’ goals and considering their current assets, we structure a detailed analysis to support buy, sell and hold decisions and develop real estate investment planning.

Due Diligence Management

Our stream-lined due diligence process uses simple and secure web-based technology which allows clients to manage delivery & receipt of confidential information from going under contract to the completion of the transaction.


While we fight hard, we also fight fair for our clients’ interests.  To that end we strive to help our client’s achieve their investment goals in an ethical and professional manner so that we not only get results for our clients, but are proud of the manner in which they were achieved.

Real Time Research

We utilize unbiased, unparalleled research-driven practices to advise and meet the specific needs of investors by property and submarket.


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